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Czech Casinos a.s.
Opletalova 55
Prague 1
Czech Republic

Telephone numbers                 +420 221 602 304
financial controler                       +420 606 313 601
economist                                 +420 777 572 064
human resources                       +420 603 839 563

E-mail address                  

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    Did you know that...?

  • ... you do not have to pay entrance fee in the casino?
  • .. you do not have to wear a suit or evening dress in the casino?
  • ... minimum bets on live game start on 20 Kč in our casinos?
  • ... you do not have to gamble when you visit the casino. If you wish just have a drink and socialise?
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All our casinos have their own unique atmosphere – you can see it in the gallery or of course during a personal visit.

Gambling prohibited for persons under 18 years of age. Ministry of Finance warns: Gambling can become addiction.